Awesomeness Volume 1

Graphic Delivery website started roughly 2 years ago with the goal of helping designers find high quality resources  they can use in both personal or commercial project. In this 2 years I posted textures, patters, logos, icons, ui kits and a lot of fonts that you really appreciated and download.
Now it’s the time to make a little bit more than that and to show you what you can do with these resources. For this I am going to select projects that are inspiring me from graphic design, branding, illustrations  with a focus on how these are made or/and presented. I think that without a good presentation of your work you can not attract clients, whether you are a logo or a designer font.

Owned and Adored 
by Anagrama Studio

Di Beppe
by Glasfurd and Walker

by Camile Styles and Kstitova_calligraphy

Hey There
by idleletters

by Eiko Ojala

by Romain Trystram

Easy Peasy
by Charry JeonKIWOONG HONGZiyoung KimEun Ju KimCFCSaerom Kang

Neenah Retail Revolution

by Matchbox Studio

by Paul MarcinkowskiUnifikat Design Studio

Caravana Bed & Breakfast
by panel studio

No Molestar type family
by Yani&Guille —

New Orleans Pelicans Game Day
by Tom Green


Hilborn Font & Illustration Bundle 
by Gilang Purnama Jaya


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