Ink Splatter Texture Tutorial

As a graphic designer I always want to use the best textures in my designs. But sometimes it is very hard to find good textures for free. So I decided to make my own and, also, share the process with you.

Steps to create a splatter/doted ink texture:

1. Materials
For this you don’t need any expensive materials, you can use whatever you have at home. In my case, it was a brush, a small glass of water, some cheap watercolors and a piece of paper.

2. Make the texture
Try hitting your brush full of color with your finger to create small watercolor dots. Repeat this process till you fill the entire paper. At this point, don’t worry if you will have dots you don’t like. We will get rid of them later.

3. Edit
Take a photo of your texture and send it to Photoshop.

Add a Gradient Map (black and white) layer style and after that a Levels layer style. Then try to make it all black and white to show as many dots as possible. When you are happy with the result go to Image/ Apply Image.

The Photoshop way:
With the Lasso Tool selected (L) select your favorite group of dots, copy them and then paste them on a new layer. Repeat this as many times as you want. Arrange the new layers till you are happy with the result. In the end, group the layers by selecting them and pressing cmd+G (ctrl+G).
You can also paste them in another Photoshop document.

The Illustrator way:
Select the splattered area and paste it into Illustrator. Open the Image Trace panel (menu Window / Image Trace). Select your image and with using my settings trace your image 🙂 and Expand it.

The last thing to do is to choose (copy / paste) your dots using the Lasso Tool (Q).

I prefer using this texture in Illustrator because I can make it bigger or smaller without losing quality.

Here are my textures. You can download them, they are free 🙂


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